Growing Ideas Business Challenge for 6th Formers

Kevin McNamara of Growing Ideas and Richard Quigley (Corries Cabin, Cowes) went to the Isle of Wight College today to work with a group of 6th form Business A Level students. Kevin and Richard have been assigned a group of budding marketeers who have just three weeks to come up with a real-world marketing strategy that focuses a particular aspect of their businesses.

The Growing Ideas team have to develop a fully costed marketing plan that will address the company’s desire to expand its thriving raised beds programme into new markets. Every aspect of the new strategy, from product prices, profit margins to advertising budget, will be based on the teenagers ideas, research and hard work.

Kevin, managing director of Growing Ideas, said ‘If the team develop what seems to be a well thought out, properly costed and testable plan we’ll certainly put some money into it and see if it works.’

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