More Resident Training

Today we ran our second day of resident training activities for South Wight Housing Association and Medina Housing Association. Our theme was DIY and we covered simple electrical work, smoke alarms, plumbing, painting, wallpapering, shelf hanging and answered a wide variety of other DIY related questions from a large crowd of eager residents.

Our focus was on upskilling residents with two desired outcomes:

  • Residents will save money by learning how to carry out DIY tasks themselves
  • ?Their housing association landlords will save money and free up resources as participants will be able to independently carry out repairs and upgrades to their homes.

Growing Ideas provided a complete set of tools for each resident to work with as well as taps, lights, plugs, u-bends and even a set of fake walls for drilling practice and wallpapering! Donna Flux, a Medina Housing Association resident said ‘these courses are invaluable and the teachers are great!’

Growing Ideas Residents DIY Training

Photo kindly provided by Medina Housing Association - all rights reserved


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