Resident Training for Local Housing Associations

Today, at the community flat in Preston Close, Ryde, The Growing Ideas team completed our first residents training day. A collaboration between Growing Ideas, South Wight Housing and Medina Housing, the two biggest housing associations on the Isle of Wight, led to this training opportunity for residents We put together two days of training designed to give residents useful life skills, access to new healthy hobbies, money-saving tips as well as the chance to meet new people and share some fun. This first day covered a range of healthy cooking and gardening topics and all the learning involved hands-on practical participation.

Growing Ideas provided a cooking stove, ingredients, recipes, pots, pans, kitchen utensils, plants, compost, seedlings etc for each participant. Jannaya, a Medina Housing Association resident said ‘I enjoyed it all – it was good to be with other people and learn new things.’

Growing Ideas Resident Training


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