Growing Spaces 2009 Launches in Newport and Ryde

Growing Spaces 2009 has launched on the Pan Estate, Newport, Isle of Wight and in Ryde, Isle of Wight. Two launch events have been attended by eager residents in both locations and dozens have signed up. This highly valued community project is now being delivered by Growing Ideas in partnership with Medina Housing Association using money from the Big Lottery. It’s a raised bed project that aims to give people everything they need to start to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Every participant receives:

  • An individually tailored, purpose-built raised bed which is filled with a locally sourced soil and compost mix.
  • Seeds and plants along with all the information and advice you need to look after them.
  • A regular training programme – created and delivered by Growing Ideas – including drop in cooking, advice and give-away sessions.
  • Access to the project website, designed and maintained by Growing Ideas: Growing Spaces.
  • The chance to join the island community growing together and to share your experiences with others.

It’s all for free and it’s free to all so look us up, sign up and join in!

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